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Based in Gateshead we supply and install high performance aluminium system solutions for new and refurbished buildings in the Newcastle area and all of the North East. Suitable for all commercial and domestic applications from homes, schools, offices, hospitals, apartment blocks etc. Whether the Senior Architectural System you are looking for is, medium or high performance thermally broken sections, we have it.

Aluminium windows offer strength, durability and are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. They provide slim-lines, more glass area and less visible frame. Our aluminium windows are a premium product, maintenance free and built to last, with the life span of aluminium being measured in decades rather than years. Aluminium is very sustainable, endlessly recyclable and very environmentally friendly.

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A relatively young metal, Aluminium was first extracted in 1854. In fact, the Empire State Building in New York was the first building to use anodised aluminium components back in 1931. Industrial production for civil applications only really began in the 1950s and 1956 saw the first aluminium curtain walling system.
Improvements to aesthetics and thermal performance over the years differentiate today’s aluminium products from those of the eighties and nineties. You only have to look around to notice that slim aluminium is fast becoming the ‘product of choice’ for windows, doors and roofs.
Aluminium is the preferred material of astute architects looking for longevity, performance, good looks and superb life-time value for money. It is the material of choice by many builders for most of the commercial’s buildings, shop fronts and blocks of flats we find today.

Aluminium Window & Curtain Walling

Whether you are looking for Aluminium Curtain Walling, a building envelope system comprised of aluminium frames containing glazing that is installed to the slab edge a system that provides a continuous air/water/heat barrier, Or if you prefer the more economical alternative window wall which is installed between the slabs here at Ace windows we are ready to help. As specialists with aluminium systems we will guide you in all aspects from planning permission to installation to suit the size and needs of each of your project.


Shop fronts

Did you know that 95% of customers are influenced by a business’s exterior and that 52% feel that if the exterior of a shopfront looks uninviting, they would be deterred from entering the store? Source –

We specialise in the supply and installation of all types of commercial glazed aluminium shopfronts the in Gateshead and Newcastle area. It will give your shop a fresh modern look that will draw in more new customers. We do glass shop fronts entrance systems with automatic doors and more. The aluminium shop front is light, strong and durable which provides solutions for achieving even the most demanding design.

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Your Choices Are Limitless

All of our Aluminum Windows can be stylised in a plethora of colours, meaning you can stay classic or go bold with your windows. If you’re after a refined look, choose a silver, white or black. For a more statement look, we have reds, greens, yellows and blues to reflect the true you.

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Watch to discover what you can only do with Aluminium

From windows to doors and everything in between including Bifolds etc.


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