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Get the latest 2018 Upvc Door designs from Virtuoso

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Get the latest 2018 Upvc Door designs from Virtuoso

We have just added the latest 2018 uPvc door collection to our site. You can now get the latest in door designs with the brand new Scaven and Tummel design a beautiful and long lasting collection that enables you to choose the style that will enhance the look of your home and be confident it will stand the test of time.

We have still kept the widly popular Doon and Orrin designs for you choose from for those that wish love that amazing look.

Check out our brochure below and give us a call today 0191 482 4187

Virtuoso  upvc doors

What Causes Condensation In Windows?

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What Causes Condensation In Windows?

Condensation on windows and in conservatories, and the damage it does to paintwork, curtains,wall coverings and window fittings, are problems frequently encountered in all types of building.

In many homes, traditional open fires have been replaced by sophisticated heating systems, ill-fitting doors and window frames have been provided with draught excluders, floors have been completely covered by fitted carpets, while ceiling heights have been lowered and the space between loft joists filled with insulating material.

These modern aids to home comfort have created rooms which are warmer but which often have less ventilation and fewer air changes. The result is that the water vapour produced by normal living activities is no longer able to escape up the chimney or through door jambs, window joints and other outlets.

failed double glazing unit

Some examples of where the water vapour comes from:

Breathing: Two sleeping adults produce 11⁄2 pints of moisture in 8 hours, which
is absorbed as water vapour into the atmosphere.
Cooking: Steam clouds can be seen near saucepans and kettles, and then seem
to disappear. The clouds have been absorbed into the atmosphere.
The cooker itself may be a source of water vapour; eg. an average gas cooker
could produce approximately 11⁄2 pints of moisture per hour.
Washing up: The vapour clouds given off by the hot water are rapidly absorbed
into the atmosphere.
Bathing, laundry, and wet outer clothing: These are often the major sources
of water vapour in the home.
Heaters: A flueless gas heater can produce up to 2⁄3 pint of moisture per hour.
Paraffin heaters produce nine pints of moisture for every eight pints of fuel burned.
Indoor Plants: A frequently unrecognized but nevertheless significant source of
water vapour.
New Property: The bricks, timber, concrete and other materials in an average
3-bedroomed house absorb about 1500 gallons of water during construction.
Much of this is dissipated into the indoor atmosphere during the drying out period


How double glazing helps?

Double glazing is an insulator, designed to reduce the loss of heat by conduction from the inside to the outside of a building. Under average exposure conditions, and provided the room is heated, the room side surface temperature of the inner glass will be higher than would be the case with single glazing. The likelihood of condensation occurring when warm moist air in the room comes into contact with the surface of the glass is thereby reduced. It must be remembered, however, that double glazing is an insulator and not a source of heat; nor does it control the amount of water vapour in the air. When rooms are inadequately heated and there is little heat to retain, double glazing cannot fulfill the purpose for which it was installed.

Condensation on the room side surface of the inner glass means that the temperature of the glass surface is too low given the water vapour content of the atmosphere in the room.

Condensation within the cavity of an hermetically sealed unit denotes a failure
of the seal.


Can I Replace Just The Glass Of My Window?

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Can I Replace Just The Glass Of My Window?

Can I Replace the Glass in Double Glazing Windows When It Breaks or Mists Over?

In as much as a windows salesman may try to convince you that you need to replace the entire window frame be aware that you could for a much lower cost simply replace the glass unit saving yourself £100’s if not £1000’s. Besides the advantage of creating better temperatures in living spaces, double glazing also provides extra protection as security, while it also helps to deaden noise. All these advantages get lost when the glass in the pane breaks, or if there is a defect in the sealing of the air gap. In both cases, it becomes necessary to replace the double glazing. The most common problem that indicates a breakdown in the glazing efficiency is noticed when the glass mists over or presents a cloudy appearance.

misted double glazing

Given the nature of double glazed windows they are made as a unit. (A double glazed window is essentially a window that has glazing in the form of two panes of glass separated by an air gap. The glass itself can be standard glass or special energy efficient glass. The two glass panes are separated by spacers, and the combined unit is sealed, while it is common to fill the gap with an inert gas or to create a vacuum.) The units are fitted into window frames in different ways, and this can depend on the original frame, having this glazing done from inside or outside. To replace the glass in any double-glazing unit, the entire unit will have to be taken out. These units can then just have the glass replaced in them, but it would be necessary to reseal the assembly afterwards and this is often not satisfactory. It is far more advisable to get a new double-glazed unit made of the same size so that it can be fitted back within the window frame.

making double glazing

We highly recommend that when possible any double-glazing replacement or repair should be carried out by the original installers, or another professional windows installer as they would have with them the various tools and expertise needed for a proper replacement and repair.

If, however you are Considering doing it yourself keep these points in mind:

• It is essential that proper measurements be taken of the opening in the frame after the original double-glazed unit is removed.

• The existing fixing arrangements must also be reviewed so that when the new glazing is installed, the proper fixtures and fittings are used.

• Care must be taken to ensure that the new glass in the replacement unit be of the same thickness as the original, as any changes can affect the thickness of the unit, and its ability to fit into the window frame with the original arrangements made.

Fix Glass Yourself

A properly replaced glass in double glazing should be able to give you the same thermal efficiency as the original installation.
So as to answer your question it is possible to replace just the actual glass however it not recommended. However, you could always have the actual glazing unit replaced with no need to have to replace the entire frame and at a much lower cost to yourself.
Here at Ace Windows NE we replace all kinds of glazing units and can change the kind of glazing you have in your window to self-cleaning or obscure glass. we offer you a huge choice of patterns and privacy levels.

Visit our glass-and-glazing-hardware page for our latest brochure to choose your new glass Now

Introducing Solidor’s 5 Star guarantee

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Introducing Solidor’s 5 Star guarantee

Buy a Solidor fitted with a 3-star Ultion cylinder and 2-star Lock Lock handle and your door qualifies for our £5,000 homeowner guarantee.

ACE Windows NE is proud to be associated with Solidor supplying and fitting the famous Solidor Composite doors. Solidor has just recently launched a new, 5 Star Security guarantee worth £5,000. ACE Windows can now proudly offer this unmatched guarantee to homeowners who buy a Solidor with a TS007 3* Ultion cylinder and 2* Lock Lock handle. All homeowners have to do is register for the guarantee within 14 days of installation, and they’re covered for up to 5 years.

If a burglar breaks into a Solidor with a Lock-Lock handle and snaps the Ultion 3* cylinder, Solidor will cover up to £5,000 of a homeowner’s uninsured losses! Homeowners must register within 14 days of installation for cover and the 5-year guarantee removes the risk of purchase.

Wondering How can Solidor afford to shoulder that risk? They are so confident that the combination of Solidor’s solid strength, Ultion, and Lock-Lock will keep burglars out and their money safe.


“It’s a fail-safe, no quibble guarantee that totally removes the risk of purchase,” explains Gareth Busson, Head of Sales & Marketing at Solidor. “If a burglar breaks into a Solidor with a Lock Lock handle and snaps the Ultion 3* cylinder, the homeowner can claim up to £5,000 of uninsured losses. No other door manufacturer offers that.”
The Lock Lock handle from Brisant Secure was introduced to the market at the FIT Show, with Solidor as its official launch partner. Flick the switch on the inside and Lock Lock’s unique, patented spindle block is activated, so the door can’t be opened from the outside, even if the cylinder is breached. “It also looks fantastic, and complements our range perfectly,” adds Gareth.
“With the 3* Ultion cylinder PAS24:2016, Approved Document Q and Secured By Design as standard, Solidor is already the most secure composite door on the market. Lock Lock sets us further ahead, and we’re putting our money where our mouth is by offering a unique guarantee that sells itself.”

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The Lastest In Bifolds – Introducing the EasiFold door

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The Lastest In Bifolds – Introducing the EasiFold door

Here at ACE Windows NE, we are proud to introduce an innovative and revolutionary new product into our very wide and diverse range of products – the Easi Fold door. Designed as an alternative to the traditional Bi Fold door, this door has been aptly named “Easi Fold” for its simplicity, ease of use and effortless gliding. Available in a whopping 15 colours with 4 different colour options for handles and no visible hinges or hardware, this new product will give your home the wow factor it’s been missing. Please call for further enquires and prices.

Read all about The Easi Fold Panoramic Door here

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Hi testingThank you for your quote request Outside View Inside View Customer Name: testing Email: Phone: 1234.333 Postcode: m7 hgy Comments: h This door is Secured By Design Frame Style: StandardProfile: Duraflex FeaturedExternal Colour: RosewoodInternal Colour: Rosewood Sidepanels Left Composite External Colour: WhiteLeft Composite Internal Colour: WhiteRight Composite External Colour: WhiteRight Composite Internal Colour: […]

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Thank you for your quote request
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Name: testing

Phone: 1234.333
Postcode: m7 hgy
Comments: h

This door is Secured By Design


Style: Standard
Profile: Duraflex Featured
External Colour: Rosewood
Internal Colour: Rosewood


Left Composite External Colour: White
Left Composite Internal Colour: White
Right Composite External Colour: White
Right Composite Internal Colour: White


Style: Carlton
External Colour: Darkwood
Internal Colour: Darkwood
Hinged On: Hinged Left
Opening: Inwards


External Handle: Lever Pad Gold
Letterplate: Letter Plate Gold
Knocker: Slimline Urn Gold
Spyhole: Spyhole Gold

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