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What Is A Palladio Door

Whether you are looking for a door to replace your current front door or are looking to install one in a new build – the Palladio door has the answer to all your questions. If you are concerned about security or are looking for a well-insulated door to keep the cold and noise out – or simply a door that is literally 100% maintenance free then the Palladio collection is for you.

Named after the famed Italian architect Andrea Palladio (1508 – 1580) who is widely considered to be the most influential individual in the history of architecture, The Palladio door collection is the epitome of quality and endurance for modern home entrances, combining safety, style, reliability, durability and choice into a collection that is a benchmark and example for others to follow.

Become the proud owner of the latest Palladio door today and your will never have been as secure and protected from the elements as you are today.


Why Choose A Palliado Door?

The Palladio doors have been created with a unique monocoque structure that has been tested for superior strength and safety when compared to other doors.

“Monocoque, meaning ‘single shell’ in French, is a construction technique that utilises the external skin to support some or most of the load.”

It has been a journey of passion for its inventor with many years of research and development with the end result the most advanced entrance door available. The Palladio doors are the closest reproduction of a natural oak timber door achievable. Embracing the original wooden door they are based on, they have been proven to withstand weathering and ageing using tradition and the latest technologies to the best effect. The process of decolourisation is also non-existent on a Palladio Door unlike a regular composite door, which can need repainting.


The Palladio collection features double rebated as standard giving you a double seal as opposed to a 44mm single rebate door that would have a single seal for air tightness. Because the Palladio has a Renolite foil finish, this means that unlike other doors they will never have to be repainted! Palladio is the top door for high security with the door itself made up of 65mm reinforced fibreglass Monocoque structure as opposed to others that are foam filled. It has a super thick wall construction, a Milenco 8-point multi-locking system and 4 bespoke adjustable hinges.

Due to the way it has been designed the is no delamination thanks to the unique wall construction which means our doors can’t wrap, twist or delaminate delivering to you a door that will look perfect for years to come.


Your Palladio Collection Choices

We offer you Unique Door Designs with no compromise on styling whatsoever and that is why Palladio have created 22 stunning, classic, modern designs with a 12-year construction warranty. All the glazing units are Triple glazed as standard with matching sidelight glass. The Glass can be tailored to your individual taste with 100’s of designs available. In house artists and cutting edge machines work together to create decorative design that makes it unique with intricate patterns that are precisely executed.

Whether you end up choosing a solid door or a glazed door the thermal performance for them is amazing with a U Value .85 for a solid door and a U Value .98 for a glazed door (probably the only door in the UK that would be A Rated throughout the full range).


Palliado vs Standard Doors

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