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Window Repairs

Is your window suffering from excess condensation or is it steaming up easily?

This is likely the result of a failed glazing unit. Your double glazed glass unit could be quickly remedied by having it resealed or by having your glass unit replaced by our competent engineers at an affordable price.

whether it is just replacing the lock or handle on your window or perhaps a a broken glass unit. We at ACE Windows NE are just are call away and are able to carry out any repairs easily.

Give us a call and have your window looking like new again.

Window Repair North East

Door Repairs

Is your door squeaking too much, catching on its frame, stiff handles, worn hinges, broken locks, or any thing else?

Then it is time you gave ACE Windows NE a call and we will happily guide you to as to what needs to be done to bring your door back to its original state.

A weak or damaged door is one of the main avenues that burglars use to break into your home and steal your valuables and personnal belongings. So besides worrying about convenience and appearance your must bear in mind your own security too, it is yet another reason why keeping up with your door’s maintenance it is very important for your home.

The fact that doors are used so often is precisely the reason why they will deteriorate over time. You’ll need to expect to perform a service on even the most strongest of doors. Even something like a loose hinge or a faulty lock could be massive security vulnerability for your home or business.

Door Repair North East

Conservatory Repairs

Is your conservatory looking tired and not being used for its original purpose?

Leaking conservatories can be an absolute hassle, having to relocate furniture constantly to avoid drips, remembering to put a bucket out every time it rains. If you are experiencing problems but don’t want to replace it because you love the space and the options that it gives you, we can give your conservatory an overhaul.

We will:

  • Clean your conservatory windows
  • Replace your conservatory roof
  • Repair any leaks
  • Replace damaged espag rods/window locks
  • Replace broken window handles
  • Fix or replace broken guttering

Leaving your conservatory lookng better than new!

Conservatory Repair North East

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