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Looking to increase the natural light in your home whilst maintaining your privacy, then a Roof-Light also known as a Skylight is the way to go. It is simply a ceiling light that provides natural light to all the rooms in which you fit them.

Join the rapidly growing number of home owners across the UK enjoying the beauty, elegance and performance of Atlas Roofing Solutions every day. Atlas roofs are leading the way in flat rooflight, lantern and orangery design, giving you the ultimate and unrivalled view from your home and extension with supreme aerial views.

The Atlas Rooflight is the ultimate glazed window designed to throw maximum light into any home bringing stylish ambience to a home and its minimalistic roof frame ensures that it suits any style property. Thanks to Atlas’s uniquestructural design, it is not only the best looking rooflights but one of the best double glazed thermal performing products on the market.

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Five reasons why you should be fitting an Atlas Roof Window

1. Lower Your Energy Bills

If you install a roof light, the light that enters your living space will make you less dependent on artificial light especially during the summer months. Lowering your electricity bills which in turn will lower your carbon footprint.

2. Protect Your Privacy

Privacy is at a premium in urban areas where homes are built close together and windows have to be covered to maintain it. With a Roof lantern you can keep your shades and still enjoy warm sunlight streaming into your home without having to compromise your privacy.

3. Ventilation

Rooflights typically feature 1 or 2 panels that open much like windows, which enable proper ventilation of your space. The air that comes in is from above, which means that fumes from the street are not blown straight into your home.

4. Health Booster

Frequent exposure to natural sunlight can help lift your energy levels and improve your well-being. It can also have a positive impact on your productivity, which is great if you use the room where a roof lantern is installed as a work space.

5. Apparent Spaciousness

The light pouring in through the roof lantern can transform the whole atmosphere of the room completely. It somehow also makes the room feel considerably larger, aided by the amazing aerial views you can enjoy.

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Flat Roof Light

The Atlas Flat Roof windows is perfect for any home – it has a modern design without looking heavy! It’s a fantastic alternative for those who don’t want a lantern for their home.

Perhaps the most significant benefit for aluminium when compared with PVCu is the vast colour choice. Aluminium can be coated in any RAL colour using the most up-to-date powder coating processes. This ensures a much tougher finish than conventional spray painting used on timber or PVCu, whilst all powder coated components are colour guaranteed for ten years.


Available in white, grey, black, grey on white and black on white as well as special RAL colours.

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All Atlas Flat Rooflights come with Active Neutral self-cleaning glass as standard, helping you to keep your glass looking cleaner for longer. Solar control and low-e coatings along with an argon gas-filled cavity controls the amount of visible light, UV and heat that passes through the glass.

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